You know that unsettled feeling when your Doodle hasn't been groomed in a while?

  • They’re so shaggy they can hardly see
  • Their coat is greasy or matted
  • Their nails are overgrown
  • And they just don't look (or smell) their best

But it's not just that...

Maybe you've already learned that your Doodle's out-of-hand shagginess can be downright embarrassing

(especially when guests are over or when you're out in public)

Say Goodbye to the Embarrassment

And HELLO to feeling pride and satisfaction every time you look at your pup!

Upkeep your Doodle to Perfection

In this course, you'll learn how to...

  • Properly brush and comb your Doodle's coat to prevent matting and tangles

  • Properly bathe and dry your Doodle to prevent matting

  • Trim your Doodle's nails (with confidence!) to keep them at a risk-free, healthy length

  • Clean your Doodle’s ears to keep them infection-free and smelling great

  • Trim around your Doodle's eyes to keep them seeing as clear as day (and not running into the walls)

So What Exactly Will You Learn?

Here is the complete course curriculum:

    1. Welcome!

    2. About Doodle Doods

    3. Notes About This Course

    1. Lecture Video

    2. What Is Matting?

    3. Risks of Not Taking Care of Mats

    4. Brushing: An Overview

    5. Best Brushes + Coat Care Products

    6. BONUS: What Improper Brushing Looks Like

    7. Proper Brushing: Demo

    8. How to Remove Mats

    9. How to Prevent Mats

    1. Lecture Video

    2. Why Nail Maintenance Is So Important

    3. How To Know If Your Dog’s Nails Are Too Long

    4. Choosing a Nail Trimming Tool

    5. Other Things You'll Need

    6. The Quick + How to Stop Bleeding

    7. Trimming the Nails: Demo

    8. Nail Trimming FAQs

    1. Lecture Video

    2. How Often Should You Bathe Your Doodle?

    3. Best Shampoos and Conditioners For Doodles

    4. Things You'll Need + Useful Accessories

    5. Free Goodwill

    6. How to Bathe a Doodle

    7. How to Dry a Doodle

    1. Lecture Video

    2. Cleaning The Face

    3. Treating Tear and Beard Stains

    4. Trimming Under The Eyes

    5. BONUS: Trimming Overgrown Eyebrows, Jowls, and Beard

    1. Lecture Video

    2. Ear Infection Causes + Symptoms

    3. Cleaning The Ears: Products and Tips

    4. To Pluck or Not to Pluck?

    5. Removing Hair From Inside The Ears

    6. Course Conclusion

About this course

  • $34.99
  • 43 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Bonus material

If you enroll today, we’ll throw in these super “pawesome” bonuses totally free of charge:

  • Video: Trimming Overgrown Eyebrows, Jowls, and Beard

    $30 value

    A full tutorial on grooming your Doodle's head and face (to keep their “money-maker”...well, making money)

  • Video: What Improper Brushing Looks Like

    $20 value

    A demonstration of what you think is brushing (but really isn’t), and the shocking aftermath of improper brushing

  • Printable: Easy to Use Doodle Grooming Tracker

    $20 value

    Print this out to follow a recommended grooming schedule and help you keep track of when you last brushed and groomed your Doodle

But Wait, There's More!

  • Printable: Doodle Grooming Tool Shopping List With Quick Links

    $10 value

    This printable combines all the things you need to buy for your Doodle grooming efforts into one handy shopping list with easy, direct links to groomer-recommended products

  • Printable: Important Questions to Ask Groomers Before Scheduling Your First Appointment

    $10 value

    Print this out and take notes on what they say to narrow your shortlist down to the perfect groomer for you

  • Exclusive Discounts

    $75 value

    Get discount codes for our How to Groom a Doodle At Home course and Baxter & Bella: The Online Puppy School

This is $355.00 Worth of Bonus Materials

That we're throwing in completely free if you enroll today!

  • Access: Doodle Parenthood Community and Support Group

    $190 value

    Make Doodle parenthood easier for yourself by getting guidance, help with all your questions, and a shoulder to cry on in real time, from fellow Doodle parents who’ve been in your shoes.

Enroll in Upkeep Grooming at Home for Doodles

And your friends, family, and total strangers on the street will gawk in admiration at how stunning your Doodle is, whether their last grooming appointment was 1 day or 1 month ago!


  • What does the Upkeep Grooming at Home for Doodles Online Course look like?

    This course is taught by a fellow Doodle parent who has been DIY grooming her dog since 2014. It includes approximately 1 hour of instructional-style video content and grooming demos.

    It is presented in a standard online course format presented in chapters. Your enrollment/membership in this course includes all future updates, and it never expires – log in anytime and learn from anywhere on any device.

  • Who is this course for?

    Upkeep Grooming at Home for Doodles is for anyone who wants to keep their Doodle looking as fresh and as perfect as they do on grooming day, in between regular appointments with a professional groomer.

  • Who is this course NOT for?

    Upkeep Grooming at Home for Doodles does not cover full-body grooming topics. For those interested in full DIY grooming, we invite them to enroll in our other online course, How to Groom a Doodle At Home.

    How to Groom a Doodle At Home covers all the topics in this course, so if you’re leaning toward fully grooming your Doodle yourself in the future, you do not need to purchase Upkeep Grooming at Home for Doodles.

  • Does this course apply to non-Doodles?

    Poodle-mixes are specifically addressed in this course. However, the grooming topics addressed are relevant to all “hypoallergenic”, long-, or single-coated dog breeds.

  • What if I hate the course?

    If you aren’t happy with Upkeep Grooming at Home for Doodles, contact us and we will refund your purchase within 30 days, no questions asked.